USED - Forgeline 3-piece GA3R Custom Satin Black Wheels e82 1M/e9X M3 Fitment (F 18x9.5 et 20, R 18x11 et 33)

FTBR Garage

$ 5,000.00

Looking for some wheels to stand out from the rest of the crowd?  These custom made Forglines are up for sale!  These were custom built by Forgeline for the Black Knight (1M) featured at SEMA in 2011. They were used for show wheels and for the most part were street driven, but did see 3 track days.  They are very strong and light wheels (approximately 18-19 lbs), and would make a great addition to any M3 or 1M.  The fronts are 18x9.5 et 20 and I was running 265/35-18 Toyo R888’s.  The rears are 18x11 et 33, running a 295/30-18 Toyo R888.  The rears had some trouble clearing the Performance Friction Z-Rated Calipers and the Moton Suspensions, so a 15mm Turner Motorsports spacer was used to space them out.  I believe with some work you could actually fit 305’s in the rear and 275’s in the front!

The Toyo R888 tires still have a little bit of tread on them.  They had a bit of camber wear on the fronts (from the PO driving them on the street) so I swapped them side to side, so they still have a more life in them.  The rears are almost at the wear markers.

The only additional option is that these wheels were built using Titanium fasteners; this was another $200+ option.  Thank you for looking, please feel free to contact me with any question, or addition photos.

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