#airbyandy FTBR Garage Air Lift Performance Installation - V2, 3P (Pressure), or 3H (Height and Pressure)

FTBR Garage

$ 1,499.99

So you have made the decision to purchase air suspension.  

Do I know the cost of an air lift installation?

Should I call a bunch of shops and get quotes?  

What am I getting for the installation price?

What fitting and components are they using for the install?

Would I know what if they used poor quality components?

Who is doing the installation?

Do they know and understand air suspension and air management?

Will they tested the system to ensuring trouble free usage?

How are they going to run the lines so that they are safe and will not get damaged?

What would happen if there was a catastrophic damage to one of the lines and you lost one of your bags at 80 mph?

Once installed is there a warranty for the installation if I do run into problems?

These are questions that you should be asking when looking to get an air ride installation.  FTBR will answer most of these questions below, but if you need more information please email andrew@ftbrgarage.com or call 860.578.5555.

Why should you choose FTBR Garage for your installation?

At FTBR Garage you will have a set price for the install and parts used.  The services will be laid out in an agreement signed by you and FTBR Garage.  A #airbyandy install means Andrew will be doing your install himself.  Which means many things, first is that he drives his cars hard on the street and on the track, so quality and safety is the highest priority.  He was also an Engineer at a valve company dealing with  pressure of 6000+ psi, so he understands air management and sealing.  He will 100% test your system prior to and after installation making sure that the job was done right.  If you do run into any problems he will be the one diagnosing and fixing the issue, so he will do the best job the first time.  His install is warrantied for 2 year after completion.

FTBR Garage will be doing your installation, what does this include?

The installation include of the mechanical suspension , the air lines run from the suspension into the trunk, leak and function tested suspension and air management system.  The manifold, tank, and compressor hard mounted. The controller will be run into the center console.  The wiring will be tucked away out of sight.  This setup is ideal for the everyday use of the vehicle.  Best practices will be made to make the trunk functional for everyday use but robust enough for you to remove all your trunk components and pass tech at the track.

What happens after I make my installation purchase?

Please provide a phone number so that we can contact you within 24 hours of you purchase so that we can setup a time that is convenient for you to drop off your car.  This phone call will be followed by a email containing a specific service agreement between you and FTBR.  Once this document has been signed you drop off your car on the agreed date and your installation begins, typically an installation will take about 5 days, once completed your will receive a call to come and pick up your car!

*Please note that a 3H requires the installation of height sensors.  There will be an addition $500 charge for the additional installation steps.

What if I already purchased a kit from another company or have a used kit and I want to have FTBR Garage do the installation?

If you buy a kit from someone other that FTBR, there will be a $99.99 charge to evaluate the kit.  The kit must be inspected to make sure that everything is functioning and in good working condition.  If the kit can be installed an addition $249.99 charge will be added to the price of the installation.  Unfortunately FTBR cannot warranty a used kit and if there is an issue you would have to return it to the vendor that you purchased it from.

However, if you buy your kit from FTBR we will provide you will the best customer service in the market and do our best to take care of anything that may come up! 

If you would like to discuss your installation or have any addition question feel free to contact us at andrew@ftbrgarage.com or call 860.578.5555!  Thank you!

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