335i / xi cp-e Austenite™ 2.5″ Dual Cat Back Exhaust BMW (e90, e91, e92, e93) 3-Series 2006-2013

cp-e (Custom Performance Engineering)

$ 1,479.99 $ 1,556.00

After years of offering only the finest aftermarket components to the Mazda community, we have decided to expand our products into other markets. The 335i stainless steel dual exhaust system is the first cp-e™ product designed for the European market. We believe that our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, as well as our attention to detail will be greatly appreciated in the European market. Even among the fierce competition that is already established in the German tuning community.

First, we urge anyone considering our exhaust system to scrutinize over the details. Our exhaust system requires absolutely no modifications to the vehicle in order to install it. That means no cutting of the stock exhaust! Also, our exhaust fitment is so precise that our dual exhaust a fits both the coupe and the sedan models.

We use only the finest American made “super buffed” 304 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance and long-term durability. The mufflers we use are custom-made TIG welded stainless mufflers, so the sound of our system will be totally unique. The hangers are not simply straight cut steel rod either. Instead we use stock style stamped hangers that keep the exhaust system from shifting under the car and causing rattling. Our attention to detail is second to none. Boasting TIG welded critical joints, laser cut 3/8″ thick flanges, as well as polished and rolled exhaust tips. Plus we include all components necessary for a complete professional installation.

cp-e™ BMW 335i Dual Cat Back Exhaust

Of course the main purpose of upgrading any exhaust system is to improve the sound characteristics of the vehicle. What is different about our system however is that it is not designed for the weekend racer. Although it would more than fit the bill for any track enthusiast. Our exhaust was designed for the discriminating enthusiast who wishes to improve the driving experience of his/her daily driven 335i. To that end, we have tuned the exhaust system to produce virtually no drone and the increase in volume over the stock system is quite modest. In other words, your ears will not be ringing after a trip to and from work. However the change in the tone and character of the sound is substantial. The change brings a deeper, and more exotic sound much like that of a Ferrari V-8.

cp-e™ BMW 335i Dual Cat Back Exhaust

The Dual Cat Back System will come complete with all necessary hardware required for a complete and professional installation.

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