Wheel and Tire Services

One of the reasons that I opened up FTBR Garage, is because I couldn't find a place that I trusted with my own wheels.  So when you drop of your prized possessions to have some tires mounted and balanced, just know that I personally will be handling your property and will treat that as if they were my own.

Mounting & Balancing (per tire)

Mounting and balancing prices are based on the aspect ratio of the tire.
60 and Higher - $24.99
50-55 - $27.99
40-45 - $34.99
35 and Lower - $39.99

    Additional Services (per tire)

    Rubber Valve Stems - $2.99
    High Performance Metal Valve Stems - $10.99
    Tire Disposal Fee - $3.99
    Run-Flat Tire Service - $9.99
    Shop Fee (% of Install Cost) 5%