Air Lift

Looking for Air Ride?

FTBR ALP installation on @e36_nick' s e36 track car, photo cred to @instabaeth.

FTBR provides quality air lift performance installations.  Using engineering principles and the best products, to provide the customer with the most robust installation, with worry free use, and safety as a top priority.  For inquiries about Air Lift Products or Installations, please contact us at and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Or, simply call me on my cell at 860.578.5555.

Air Ride Performance?

Air Lift Performance VW MKV/MKVI Front Strut and Sway Bar Link

In the past there was a  debate on whether Air Ride is a viable solution for performance vehicles. The products were not very robust and the quality was not there, at least to handle track duty.  Air Lift has finally put this to bed.  They have built the Air Lift Performance (ALP) series strut and bag setup that is strong and has the same characteristics as modern coilover systems.  The struts now come with adjustable camber plate, 30 way adjustable dampening shocks, and height adjustability on the shock to set your nominal ride height.  Of course you still get the same height adjustability, 5 inches of travel, of the air bag. 

Can ALP handle Street, Show, and Track duty?

ALP 30-way Damper Adjustment MKV R32 (Shock Tower was cut for access)

I would like to think that everyone could afford a great daily driver, a awesome track car, and a beautiful shiny show car. Most of us however, have one vehicle that we try to make great in all three categories.  Which anyone can tell you is a difficult task, since there is always a compromise.  If you want to make your car a great daily driving, you want it to be comfortable in a hour long commute, soft and cushy.  If you want to have a track car, you want it to handle really well, which usually means lowering and stiffing it up.  Then for a show car you want to have the ultimate stance. This is what the ALP suspension does for you it gives you the adjustability that you need.

MKV R32 Hard Mounted Trunk Setup with everything remove for inspection.
Being a instructor for High Performance Driver Events (HPDE) I wanted to test this theory for myself.  I installed a full Air Lift Performance suspension on my 2008 MK5 R32.  However this could not be your typical,everything rattles false floor installation.  This car needs to pass track day inspection, so everything was hard mounted, the tank, compressor, manifold, CV, water trap, and anything else that could move around.  I drove the car to the track on a nice soft setting, unpacked her, went through tech, then stiffened everything up for the day. 

MKV R32 on ALP going through tech inspection.  Sitting at track height.

  The link below is one of the instructor sessions from that day.  The suspension performed perfectly!
After a amazing day, we packed up all our things, adjusted the dampers to a softer setting, raised the ride height, and had a nice comfortable ride home. Best of all three categories in my opinion!  Street, Show, Track!

MK5 R32 Airedout on ALP @ UConn Car Club Car Show 2015. Photo Cred @mostlyshow

MK5 R32 Daily Truck Setup

If you are interested in or would like to discuss Air Lift Products or Installations, please contact us at and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Or, simply call me on my cell at 860.578.5555, I will be happy to discuss your setup with you.