About FTBR


Parts, Sales and Installations for BMW, VW, AUDI, and PORSCHE

FTBR was born from the firm belief that cars should be driven hard. Driving a car at the limit means that inevitable something will fatigue and break, but with the proper tools and mind set everything can be fixed.  Fix your car, drive it hard like it is supposed to be driven, break a few things, then repeat the process.

About the Owner

My name is Andrew and I’ve been passionate about cars for a long time.  I graduated from UConn with my engineering degree.  I worked as a engineer in many different industries, from construction, to aerospace,  to solenoid valves.  This has given me a broad and dynamic engineering background that allows me to troubleshoot and problem solve.  However, in all of these industries I never felt settled, I always wanted to do more, and do something with cars.  Since I was always working on cars, buying, selling, upgrading.

After one of my sales I built a great relationship and an opportunity presented itself to sell air lift products. When that happened I decided to turn my passion of cars into a business so I started FTBR Garage, LLC. FTBR stands for “Fix Track Break Repeat”.  I came up with the motto based on my experience at the track.  I love driving cars hard, but of course I always seemed to break them.  I took every opportunity to fix and upgrade the parts that were broken.  Working hard day and night to get the car ready for the next track day.

I have been around cars my whole life, with a lot of my time being spent on the track as an instructor for driver's schools.  When I’m not instructing, I am working on my own cars or my family and friends cars.  I love upgrading and modifying cars.  Although I appreciate all different types of cars, the common denominator is that I like cars that are clean, fast, and look mean.

I have worked so hard to make my dream of owning a shop come true.  This allows me to share my passion with customers allowing me do installations, wheel mounting and balancing, and other customization projects.  I have always had a problem trusting others with my own cars and wheels, so I wanted to open a shop that provides top notch work and allows people to rest assured knowing that their car will be treated with the utmost care and respect. Thank you for taking the time to read this description and I hope to hear from you soon!