LIMP Mode N54 1M Oil Cooler Solution (Hopefully!) Continued

Here is the plan, engineer a solution using the #F82 #M4 oil cooler!  Here is a picture of the M4 oil cooler compared to the cp-e oil cooler.  I think it speaks for itself, foot for reference!

 Just a brief recap.  Drove hard at #LimeRockPark on a hot summer day, oil temp got up to 286°F, car went into #limpmode a couple of times, drove home no problem and parked the car.  Got in a couple of days later, both turbos broken.  #NewCountryBMW is amazing! They were able to replace both turbos in a couple days to get me back on the road with some boost.  That being a crazy bill that I would not want to burden, I prepped for my weekend at #HPDE Palmer.

After consulting a bunch of resources, I concluded that there were multiple reasons for the broken #turbos, which I wanted to remedy before the next school.  So the first thing that I did was installed my cp-e QKSpl Catless Downpipes.  There was a ton of heat being trapped in the cat's, which are in close proximity to the turbos.  Relieving this restriction not only helped with the heat but brought the sound to another level, it just sounds angry!  This would help but was not the solution.  The main problem is that the OEM oil cooler is not adequate for cooling the oil on a highly modified car.  After consulting with cp-e, I installed their oil cooler that can be added to their FMIC except I hard mounted it to the subframe instead.  The additional oil cooling is great for the street, however I knew this would just be a band-aid for heavy tracking of the 1M.

Luckily it was a nice cool fall day, by cool I mean freezing!  It actually snowed on Sunday! The car ran AMAZING, the new turbos loved the cold air.  The oil temp only creeped up to 263°F.  I also did my own little turbo timer and waited a minute just to let a little more oil and water circulate before shutting off the car, to help with some of the heat soak. 

Although, I made it through the weekend unscathed, I would still like a more OEM solution that is going to keep the temps below 250°F.  One of the many winter projects is to design and test the FTBR N54 oil cooler setup using the M4 oil cooler.  Stay Tuned!


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