Tim's clean MK6 GTI (Now bagged)

Tim contacted me after he purchased a used Air Lift Slam Kit with V2 Management for his awesome MK6 GTI.  He was riding pretty low, cranked down on some coilovers.  There were some challenges with the used kit, the treads being messed up on a bunch of components, missing some parts, compressor worn and blowing fuse left and right, improper rear setup.  Adding some new parts (new slam series shocks, a 4 gallon polished tank, new 380C compressor, new fittings, etc) and a little massaging, we got the system all hooked up with a temporary trunk setup so that he could put his own touch on the trunk this winter.

Are you looking for this type of install?  More details can be found in our Installation Section.


The Mk6 when she showed up.  Pretty low static setup.


Getting ready to be worked on.


Milling the Air Lift rear brackets.  Don't forget if you are running shorter than OEM shocks, you do not use the roll plates and you have to cut the brackets.


This is the way I like to go into the trunk, with all bulkhead fittings, and metal 90's, so there isn't any tension on the lines and worry free operation.


Do you think this is a good temporary setup?


Do you think she looks good aired out?

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