The Dreaded LIMP Mode, Broken Turbos, and the N54 1M Oil Cooler Solution (Hopefully!)

Even though The Black Knight ran phenomenally with all the go fast 1M cp-e parts, I did get the dreaded LIMP mode at my last track day.  After a couple of days I realized not only did I go into limp mode but because of the crazy temps I hit at the track, I broke both Turbos.  Seriously, one was seized!  With no boost and limp mode constant I brought the 1M into New Country BMW.  They were awesome and turned the car around for me in 2 days.  What great service!  The 1M is running like she should again!  I would highly recommend anyone wanting to purchase, buy parts, or get service, to head over to New Country BMW!

However, after the 1M was all fixed, I started doing a ton of research on cooling, so that I don't run into this problem again.  There are a ton of options out there for oil coolers, fittings, lines, etc.  All of which require removing parts, swapping parts, cutting, trimming, and the like.  I wanted a solution that allows me to keep as much of the OEM parts as possible, but adding addition cooling without blocking flow.  Part of the potential solution is pictured above.  These are some fittings that are going to allow the new cooler to be mounted in the OEM position and the old cooler to still be utilized.  Interested? Please stay tuned for some installation and track day testing, to make sure this is a viable solution!

What is everyone running for their N54 cooling solutions?

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