Grand Opening!!!

As I opened my eyes this morning, I lay still in my own bed.  The sun is shining on this beautiful July morning.  The birds are chirping their morning songs.  This day seems like a ordinary summer morning, however, their is something very different.

For the last 3 years I was dreaming about running my own business.  That one day I would have a space to call my own.  Create a shop that I could share my passion for automobiles.  Well Wake Up!  Today is that day!  

After moving in to my new space on June 1st, I have sacrificed time with my friends and family to spent many sleepless nights creating F.T.B.R.'s actual Garage.  Now, I would like to share this accomplishment with you!

Please join us for this exciting day and celebrate the Grand Opening of F.T.B.R Garage, Rocky Hill, CT!  Along with having some great cars and trucks in and around the shop for you to check out, we will also have grill sizzling with burgers and dogs for all of our guests.  Please provide your own beverages and of course you are more that welcome to bring something to share!  Can't wait to see everyone!


12:00 - 5:00 p.m.
FTBR Garage
1275 Cromwell Ave.
Building E, Unit 4
Rocky Hill, CT 06067

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Rebuilding the 325is - Will it Survive a Hydrolocked Engine?

The sun is gleaming outside, birds are chirping, and the sky could not be more blue. I collapse down onto the rolling stool that was positioned in the center of the old cold damp barn converted into a 2 car garage. Overcome with physical and mental exhaustion from the lack of sleep, crazy hours of labor, and over consumption of beer from the last 3 weeks that was my life. I rest my dirt, grease, and oil covered arms on my knees letting out a sigh of relief. Gaining just enough strength to lift my head for a split second to fill my eyes with the excitement that lies ahead...

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The Rise and Fall of my BMW 325is

The vivid colors of the descending sun fade to black and are replaced by a star covered sky. The cool night air races through my fingers as I pull my hand back into my girlfriend’s SAAB 9-3. The torture that has been the last hour of my life is finally nearing an end. My heart is beating like a kick drum as we turn the corner and arrive at our destination...

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Chasing The Dream

I crest the apex I ease my right foot closer to the floor, squeezing on the throttle ever so slightly and unleashing only enough horses to keep the beast in the slide. Fighting to be on grip side of the knife-edge limit of the tires friction...

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New England Winters and The Shoes We Wear.

We were in shorts and golfing on Christmas Day.  Then a snow storm a week later.  Then it turned warm during the day and freezing rain at night.  Now it is just bitter cold.  Welcome to New England Winters!  We have sun, rain, clouds, and 36 different types of snow.  So how do you prepare for winter?

Me personally, I have a really good set of winter boots, they are fully waterproof, and have 1200 grams of Thinsulate insulation.  They are super warm and keep my feet nice and cozy.  They are a pain to get on and off, and yes I don’t  want to go run a marathon in them because my feet would be on fire.  When I’m out in the cold and for sure out in the snow you can’t beat them.

Sometimes you have to dress up for an event in the winter so you put on your dress shoes.  How long does it take for your feet to get cold?  2 minutes?  Ever stepped on an area of packed snow and slipped 5 feet?  If you are a gym goer during the winter and wear sneakers, have you ever had to run back out to the car in a snow storm and bit it?  Most of the time you are just trying to keep your feet warm, or get into that warm car, or get into those warm slippers in your warm house and keep those toes warm.

All that being said, let’s say you live in New England and worked outside all winter.  If you could only pick ONE pair of shoes what would they be?

I know that I would pick my waterproof, insulated, winter boots.  Yeah for the most part I may not need the crazy insulation, or that they are water proof, but if I had to be outside in one of our 20 degree sleet storms I would definitely want those boots!

So why in New England do people insist on not putting winter boots (Snow Tires) on their cars?  They keep their dress shoes (All Season Tires) on, which are fine when there are clear roads it a sunny warm day.  Would you want to walk home in a crazy snow storm in those dress shoes?  Then even worse some people keep their sneakers on (High Performance Summer Tires), which have no grip or insulation.

Here come all the people who own Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers, Wagons, 4x4’s, AWD’s, and 4WD’s, well I have no problem getting through the snow.  We know that you can all get your vehicles going even with your dress shoes on, but what stops your car, truck, or SUV?  If you said brakes that would be wrong!  The brakes only stop the tires, which are the only 4 points touching the road.  Do yourself a favor get yourself a set of winter boots for even those vehicles,  you'll see how much more comfortable and safe you are in our New England winters.

If you have any questions about snow tires, which ones, to purchase, why you need them, what are the best brands, etc. please feel free to contact me at

Thank you for reading!

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LIMP Mode N54 1M Oil Cooler Solution (Hopefully!) Continued

Here is the plan, engineer a solution using the #F82 #M4 oil cooler!  Here is a picture of the M4 oil cooler compared to the cp-e oil cooler.  I think it speaks for itself, foot for reference!

 Just a brief recap.  Drove hard at #LimeRockPark on a hot summer day, oil temp got up to 286°F, car went into #limpmode a couple of times, drove home no problem and parked the car.  Got in a couple of days later, both turbos broken.  #NewCountryBMW is amazing! They were able to replace both turbos in a couple days to get me back on the road with some boost.  That being a crazy bill that I would not want to burden, I prepped for my weekend at #HPDE Palmer.

After consulting a bunch of resources, I concluded that there were multiple reasons for the broken #turbos, which I wanted to remedy before the next school.  So the first thing that I did was installed my cp-e QKSpl Catless Downpipes.  There was a ton of heat being trapped in the cat's, which are in close proximity to the turbos.  Relieving this restriction not only helped with the heat but brought the sound to another level, it just sounds angry!  This would help but was not the solution.  The main problem is that the OEM oil cooler is not adequate for cooling the oil on a highly modified car.  After consulting with cp-e, I installed their oil cooler that can be added to their FMIC except I hard mounted it to the subframe instead.  The additional oil cooling is great for the street, however I knew this would just be a band-aid for heavy tracking of the 1M.

Luckily it was a nice cool fall day, by cool I mean freezing!  It actually snowed on Sunday! The car ran AMAZING, the new turbos loved the cold air.  The oil temp only creeped up to 263°F.  I also did my own little turbo timer and waited a minute just to let a little more oil and water circulate before shutting off the car, to help with some of the heat soak. 

Although, I made it through the weekend unscathed, I would still like a more OEM solution that is going to keep the temps below 250°F.  One of the many winter projects is to design and test the FTBR N54 oil cooler setup using the M4 oil cooler.  Stay Tuned!


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Brian's e36 HPDE/Race Car

Brian the owner of @Inline Autoworks bought some great Apex ARC-8's with some 245/45R17's.  He could not run them because of rubbing issues in the rear, with the potential to rip a tire on track at speed.  FTBR Garage was happy to travel down to Inline Autoworks in Niantic to roll his fenders and ensure fitment.  Unfortunately, we may have to wait until next season to reap the rewards! They are great guy down there, if you are looking for some BMW service in the area check them out!  

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If you don't know cp-e and you have a N54, you will soon! Bolt on Twin Tial Turbos and twin Tial wastegates, Atmosphere turbo kit!

After years of engineering, testing, and design, cp-e has done it.  They have created a full bolt on turbo setup for the N54 platform.  Do you want to make some real power?  Stay tuned this kit will be available at FTBR Garage soon!

BMW N54 Atmosphere Turbo Kit at SEMA 2015

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LUX H8 V5's on Morgan's Fire Orange e92 M3

Customer submission after installing their LUX H8 V5 angel eyes.  Set to 5300K, the angels eyes are brighter but have still have that OEM look.  Would you like to upgrade your angel eyes?



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BMWCCA CVC and Patroon @ Palmer Motorsports Park (Whiskey Hill Raceway) Oct. 18 [Day 2]

It was a interesting day on Sunday.  A little snow shower made things very slick and cold.  This didn't deter some people from driving hard.

Do you want your N54 car to sound and perform like The Black Knight?  Do you want go-fast part for your N54 powered 1M135i, 335i, and 535i?

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