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Grand Opening!!!

As I opened my eyes this morning, I lay still in my own bed.  The sun is shining on this beautiful July morning.  The birds are chirping their morning songs.  This day seems like a ordinary summer morning, however, their is something very different. For the last 3 years I was dreaming about...

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Rebuilding the 325is - Will it Survive a Hydrolocked Engine?

The sun is gleaming outside, birds are chirping, and the sky could not be more blue. I collapse down onto the rolling stool that was positioned in the center of the old cold damp barn converted into a 2 car garage. Overcome with physical and mental exhaustion from the lack...

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The Rise and Fall of my BMW 325is

The vivid colors of the descending sun fade to black and are replaced by a star covered sky. The cool night air races through my fingers as I pull my hand back into my girlfriend’s SAAB 9-3. The torture that has been the last hour of my life is finally...

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